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Transportation is the fabric that binds any city together

Miami-Dade County has long struggled to create multiple, high-quality transportation options (other than car-centric infrastructure) and this lack of mobility options affects every aspect of our community.

Frequent and reliable transit can connect Miamians to their next job, lift entire communities out of poverty, help vulnerable residents access critical services, and eliminate thousands of dollars in car expenses for families in our County. Safer streets are the foundation of a healthy, thriving, and resilient community. Streets designed for people can save lives, reduce our emissions, and improve our quality of life.

We can build a more equitable and prosperous community through better mobility. The store down the street, the university campus, the corporate headquarters – every business, institution, and neighborhood stands to gain from a Miami-Dade that moves safer, faster and happier. And It Takes Transit to reach this ideal.
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The It Takes Transit Pledge is based on four pillars

We don’t want to just dream of a resilient, well-connected Miami-Dade; we are organizing for the transportation system our community needs and deserves.

We demand a Miami-Dade County where:

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All transportation decisions—for pedestrians, bicyclists,  transit users, and drivers—prioritize our safety and public health first and foremost.

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Public transportation feels dignified. Transit options are fast, convenient, and accessible to all of us. All transit stops are comfortable, clean and properly lit.

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Car ownership is a choice, not a necessity for us.

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Our public spaces and the right-of-way are designed for people first, not cars.

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Our government incentivizes walkable and affordable development on transit corridors and ensures new development is built with multi-modal access.

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We can comfortably and safely navigate our city during hot days due to ample shade trees and other cooling techniques.

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Our streets, transit stations, and public spaces are intentionally designed to keep both people and property safe from storms and flooding.

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Transit is not rocket science. We don’t need flying cars, tunnels, or autonomous vehicles; we need mass transit and walkable communities.

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Our leaders recognize the value of public transportation and micro-mobility for our quality of life and support it through policy, budgeting, and programming.

These tenets are the baseline for how our local transportation ecosystem should operate and interact with our lives as residents.

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If you too strive for a Miami-Dade that moves safer, faster and happier, sign our It Takes Transit pledge to take action and connect with other Transit Advocates in our community!