Walkable Streets


Bikeable Neighborhoods


Better Public Transit


Access to Opportunity






Affordable Living


Economic Prosperity


Reduced Emissions


Quality of Life


Saved Lives

It's more than getting from A to B.

Transportation is the fabric that binds any city together. How we do it affects every aspect of our community.

Frequent and reliable transit can connect Miamians to their next job, lift entire communities out of poverty, and eliminate thousands of dollars in car expenses for families in our County.

Making our streets safer is the foundation of a healthy community. Streets designed for people can save lives, reduce our emissions, and improve our quality of life.

We can build a more equitable and prosperous community through better mobility. The store down the street, the university campus, the corporate headquarters – every business, institution, and neighborhood stands to gain from a Miami that moves safer, faster and happier.

Let's move Miami forward, together.


Executive Director

Azhar Chougle

Born: Bombay, India
Favorite mode of transportation:
Anything that’s not a car

Az is our Executive Director and grew up in Bombay, India. He studied in New York City and his career has spanned project management, creative direction, programming and design. He firmly believes that cities and streets should be designed for people, not cars, and grew increasingly frustrated with Miami’s dangerous streets and failing public transit. Together with Marta Viciedo and others, he helped launch Transit Alliance’s first campaign and 2½ years later, Transit Alliance has grown into the largest mobility non-profit organization in the Southeast and a national leader in transit advocacy.


Marcia Duprat

Born: Caracas, Venezuela
Favorite mode of transportation:
Electric Scooter

Marcia is our Programs Manager and is currently based in Miami Beach. She lived in New York City for 8 years before moving to Miami. Her journey into transit advocacy was accidental – after having lived without a car for so long, she refused to get a car when she moved to Miami, and volunteered with Transit Alliance for several years before joining the team full-time. Marcia has a background in management and content creation – her clients have included multinational corporations, small companies and some of the country's leading non-profit arts organizations. She has a BFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts.

Campaign Coordinator

Derrick Holmes

Born: Panama City, Panama
Favorite mode of transportation:
Electric Bike

Derrick is our Campaign Coordinator and was raised in the South-Dade neighborhood of West Perrine. Before joining the team, he was an HVAC technician and spent hours in traffic wondering why he wasted so much time going nowhere in a car by himself next to thousands of other people. Stressed and frustrated, Derrick attended his first County Commission meeting in 2019 and decided to focus his engagement on transit advocacy and the broader scope of inequities to uplift the quality of life of all people, starting from the bottom with the most marginalized. A fateful tweet led him to a meeting with the Transit Alliance team, and the rest is history.


Marta Viciedo

Founder & Chair

Founding Partner at Urban Impact Lab

Irvans Augustin

Board Member

Founding Partner at Urban Impact Lab

Adam Old

Board Member

Director of Planning & Policy at Omni CRA

Shaan Patel

Vice Chair

Partner at Tanin Group

Gloria Romero Roses


Principal at Nexus Living

Timothy Schmand


Executive Director of Lincoln Road BID