Press Release

Where Are All the Bus Lanes?

February 17, 2021

2 out of 3 transit riders in Miami-Dade County depend on the bus to get around, but there is a single dedicated bus lane to serve them – a 0.6 mile stretch of SE 1st St in Downtown Miami that does little to improve service along the dense, heavily trafficked transit corridors connecting the urban core

A bus, even a frequent one, is only as fast as the traffic it's stuck in. Dedicated bus lanes free them from the traffic congestion on our roads – making them faster, more reliable, and more competitive against car travel.

Corridors such as Flagler St. and Biscayne Blvd are all prime candidates for the implementation of dedicated bus lanes. Each one currently represents thousands of daily riders and holds great potential to attract further transit ridership, granted they become a more attractive alternative to driving.

Without a means to separate transit from the rest of traffic, these routes often run at speeds averaging 16MPH, a tough sell in efforts to retain or improve transit ridership.

As one of the four pillars of the C.A.V.A Plan, Mayor Cava and her administration have committed to [A]dopting dedicated bus lanes to supplement the Better Bus Network, the fully implemented product of the Better Bus Project redesign that’s on course to begin operation in late 2021.

Implementing dedicated bus lanes will both ensure the success of our bus network redesign and serve as a tangible example of our commitment to rejecting an inevitable return to the pre-pandemic gridlock that a lack of bold, swift transit infrastructure improvements will all but guarantee.