100 Days of C.A.V.A.

A Transit Alliance Plan for Better Mobility in Miami-Dade County

We are proud to welcome our new County Mayor, Daniella Levine Cava!

As an ardent supporter of public transit and safer streets, we look forward to a new administration that puts effective and equitable transit service first to kick-start a new era of mobility in our county. 

The first 100 days sets the stage for getting important projects rolling, auditing glacial mobility projects, and kicking off much-needed government reform. 

Let’s move Miami forward, together.

Visit the CAVA Plan County Webpage

Commit to implementing the Better Bus Network in 2021

Our community currently depends on a 30-year old bus system that does not serve them. The Better Bus Network is the largest and most effective near-term transportation solution to improve the day-to-day life of transit riders and attract new riders to the system. 

How do we get there? The Cava Administration needs to kickstart a public outreach process, schedule a public hearing for the route changes, and complete an implementation plan for 2021.

Adopt dedicated bus lanes to supplement the Better Bus Network

Dedicated bus lanes free buses from traffic congestion on our roads – making them faster, more reliable, and more competitive against car travel. 

With the implementation of the Better Bus Network, we are asking the Cava administration to implement pilot dedicated bus lanes on high ridership corridors such as Flagler Street and Biscayne Boulevard in 2021 in tandem with the Better Bus Network.

Verify the SMART Plan with a full audit

Suffering from an overload of studies, nonsensical demonstration projects, poorly planned corridors, a long and vague timeline, and an overambitious budget – the plan is in dire need of an audit and reform and has often escaped needed scrutiny and reality checks. 

Our community is tired of broken promises and can’t afford to repeat the same mistakes of decades past – which makes an audit of the SMART Plan a crucial immediate step.

Advance reform of the transit department to prioritize pedestrians and cyclists

Miami-Dade County is in need of complete streets that prioritize walking and biking over cars, but our department is not set up to adequately respond to this need – lacking the right leadership, resources and objectives to make meaningful progress. 

From dedicating funding to improve sidewalks and intersections at transit stops, to building a protected bike lane network in the urban core, to coordinating and expanding bikeshare and scooter programs across the county – there’s lots to do – and it begins with reforming the department to focus on active transportation instead of road expansion and maintenance.

Help Make it Happen