Press Release

Local Coalition Backs November Launch of the Better Bus Network

June 27, 2023

The Better Bus Network (BBN) is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform public transit in Miami-Dade County. It is the result of a four-year collaborative effort between Miami-Dade Transit and Transit Alliance. The BBN proposes a complete redesign of the county's bus network, based on the principles of frequency, simplicity, and connectivity.

The final BBN changes in order to launch this November are scheduled for a vote before the full Board of County Commissioners on July 6th. This is a crucial moment for the future of mobility and equity in our region. 

The BBN is not only a technical improvement, but also a boon to our county’s progress on growing our economy, improving healthcare access, fighting climate change, and making housing more affordable. The BBN will provide better service to low-income and minority communities, who depend on transit the most. The BBN will also support the county's goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving public health, and fostering economic development.

Transit Alliance is a non-profit organization that advocates for better public transit in Miami-Dade County. We have been leading the BBN project since 2019, with the support of our partners and funders. We believe that the BBN is a vital step towards creating a more livable and sustainable region for everyone.

That's why we have assembled a coalition of local organizations that share our vision and support the BBN Launch this November! These organizations include:

  • Catalyst Miami
  • The CLEO Institute
  • Community Reinvestment Alliance of South Florida
  • Dade Heritage Trust
  • Engage Miami
  • IBikeSafe
  • Miami Homes for All
  • Plusurbia
  • SMASH Miami
  • Stiers Law
  • The Underline

Together, we are calling on the county commissioners and Mayor Daniella Levine Cava to vote YES on the BBN on July 6th. We urge them to listen to the voices of thousands of residents who participated in the public engagement process and expressed their support for the BBN. 

The BBN will bring significant benefits to the residents and businesses of Miami-Dade County, such as:

  • The average resident will be able to access 31% more jobs in 60 minutes by walking and transit, compared to the current network.
  • Countywide, 353,000 additional residents will have access to frequent service (every 15 minutes or better), and frequent service will be brought to 175,000 more jobs.
  • By 2045, Miami is expected to have a 33% increase in vehicle miles traveled. Assuming 5% of the 353,000 residents with additional access to the BBN travel 1,267 vehicle miles annually on the bus, 89,450,200 vehicles miles traveled will be saved.
  • The BBN will also improve service quality and reliability, by aligning routes with demand, optimizing stop spacing, and implementing transit priority measures.

We hope that you will join us in supporting the BBN. You can support by:

  • Contacting your commissioner and Mayor Cava and urging them to vote YES on the BBN
  • Spreading the word about the BBN on social media using #BetterBus

Together, we can make history and create a better bus network for Miami-Dade County. See the coalition letter at the link below: