Press Release

Better Bus Project Update: Our Coronavirus Response

July 30, 2020

The pandemic presents major challenges for our community and our public transit system. This crisis has emphasized how critical transit service is for the working families of Miami-Dade.

Prioritizing the health of our community is vital. Our 30+ year old bus network, however, isn’t prepared for the challenge presented by COVID-19, and is buckling under the strain. Currently, hundreds are being left behind every day as vehicle capacities are limited to keep everyone safe. Social distancing is essential for both riders and operators to reduce the risk of spreading the virus across Miami-Dade County.

In response to social distancing needs and new travel patterns spurred by COVID-19, the Better Bus Project is being used to create a resilient bus network that directly addresses our communities’ needs today, using current ridership data and updated analysis.

Our goal nevertheless remains the same – provide the most useful service for the most number of people possible. 

We can’t do it without you, and as always, we need your input. Please take our 3-minute survey at to tell us about how safe you feel taking transit and how your transit use has changed.