Transportation Authority

No wonder we don't get much done.

The way we make transportation decisions in Miami-Dade County is absurdity to its finest degree.

Without an independent transportation authority, our decisions happen in a tangle of entities and politics that has consistently led to broken promises and political priorities taking precedence over sound transportation decisions.

A transportation authority can consolidate decision-making, operations and, funding in one entity, with an independent board of expertise.

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But wait, there's more!

Why does public transportation looks so different throughout Miami-Dade County?

Watch as Kelli and Derrick break down how dividing public transportation across 34 municipalities (aka Cities and Townships) decreases everyone's ability to get around – and how adopting a Transportation Authority can help create a transit network that everyone can depend on.

Why have a transportation authority?

Who is responsible for making transportation decisions in Miami-Dade County?

Derrick, Marcia, and Transit Alliance's long time advocate Steve Hamilton explain the benefits of having a single entity take over the policy and decision making over a metropolitan area.

The Real Cost of Miami-Dade's Parking Requirements

How cities think and structure their parking  largely influences the experiences of all residents, whether they own a car or not – impacting urban design, land use, and even public transit systems!

Watch as Derrick and urban planner Victor Dover break down the real cost of minimum parking requirements in Miami-Dade –  and how its affecting our county's livability and resident's quality of life.