Build it – Bike it

Miami-Dade County’s bike network is heavily fragmented and the majority of existing bike facilities fail to offer a sufficient level of protection for its users. Advancing Miami’s multimodal mobility network means prioritizing the creation of safe, convenient connections between the people, places and communities of our County.

We are advocating for the creation of a unified plan to implement safe, connected bike infrastructure throughout Miami-Dade County as part of a comprehensive, countywide multimodal mobility plan.

Sharrows aren't bike lanes – studies have shown that sharrows are ineffective or even dangerous. We do not count sharrows in any of our analysis.

Two wheels should be more than enough.

Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County's bike network is fragmented and dangerous.

We need a plan to build safe, protected & connected bike lanes.

Red = Conventional (Unprotected) Bike Lane
Blue = Protected or Buffered Bike Lane

Map based on April 2021 FDOT Bike Facilities Master List
Download the map here

Miami-Dade County currently has 201 miles of bike lanes – but only 6 miles, or 3% of the network, offer cyclists any protection or separation from vehicle traffic.

Why do protected bike lanes matter anyway?

About 51%-56% of the population are considered to be “Interested but concerned” about cycling – meaning they would choose to cycle more but tend to avoid unprotected bike facilities they perceive as unsafe.

In other words, if you wouldn’t let your child use the bike lanes on the MacArthur Causeway, SW 137th Ave, Flagler Street or Biscayne Blvd – who do you think would?

Build it and they will bike it!

Attracting the interested but concerned – who represent a majority of people – means creating a network of protected bike lanes designed to address the concerns of this massive population of potential riders. Anything less will not produce the desired outcome of getting more people to choose biking!

The proof is in the (protected) pudding

Protected bike lanes work

Parking-protected bike lanes on Washington Ave. in Miami Beach are a huge success!

Since the implementation of protected bike lanes along Washington Ave., daily bike trips along the corridor have risen by XXXXX!

Plain and simple – if you build it they will bike it!

What about the CAVA Plan?

The Mayor's mobility commitment

In 2020, Mayor Cava announced her mobility priorities for her first year as MDC Mayor.

Included in the CAVA Plan are over 40 miles of bike lanes to be completed by XXXX.

While it's a great start, we're looking forward to even more ambitious plans for our bike network to come!

Miami Beach

In 2015 – Miami Beach adopted a comprehensive bike master plan

6 years later, almost nothing has been added to the network.

Map updated January 2021
Download the Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan

The first step in the master plan was to fill gaps in the network with a series of critical projects to improve connectivity by 2020.

So, what got done in the past 6 years?

0.1 miles of protected bike lanes
3 miles of shared paths (still under construction)

What is overdue? 

6.8 miles of protected bike lanes
0.3 miles of conventional bike lanes
3.7 miles of shared paths (dotted red)

What about the sharrows?

2 miles of sharrows have been completed, with 5.8 miles still missing.

But sharrows are ineffective and dangerous, we recommend they be converted to bike lanes, and we do not include them on this map. 

Isn't there more?

Even this plan leaves key gaps in North Beach and Middle Beach where sharrows need to be converted to bike lanes.

The plan also includes additional goals (see below) on a slower timeline, none of which has progressed, and needs to be expedited. The goal is also set to 2035, why?

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What is missing?

Improving existing facilities

0.4% of bike lanes complete
20 Year Implementation Plan (2035)

The plan's second step includes 23 miles of protected bike lanes in major corridors and separate, protected infrastructure for cyclists on the causeways.

Also missing

Aspirational long-term network

0.2% of bike lanes complete
20 Year Implementation Plan (2035)

An expansion of the plan's network. Consisting of an additional 17 miles of protected biking infrastructure throughout Miami Beach and into the mainland.

On February 19, 2021 Miami Beach's Finance and Economic Resiliency Committee passed a motion instructing the transportation department to host a community workshop on the adoption of a Cycling Safety Ordinance in the City

City of Miami

In 2009 – the City of Miami adopted a comprehensive bike master plan.

11 years later, the core network is still incomplete.

Map updated and fact checked by the City of Miami's Resilience and Public Works Department on January 2021
Download the DDA's Downtown Bike Network
Download the County's Downtown Network Bike Plan
Download the Miami Bicycle Master Plan
Download the TPO's Bicycle Master Plan

Biking in the City of Miami remains a difficult and dangerous experience, with only one protected bike lane and a disconnected network of individual segments.

Priority Segments

We have identified key priority corridors to complete a basic core network, by overlaying several existing plans from multiple agencies. In fact, so many plans exist, it's likely many of these corridors are present on additional plans.

  • Commodore Trail: From the Miami Bicycle Master Plan
  • SW 1st Ave & S Miami Ave (Brickell): From the DDA's Downtown Network
  • NE 1st Ave & N Miami Ave (Downtown): From the County's Downtown Network Bike Plan
  • NE 5th & NE 6th St: From the DDA's Downtown Network & the County's Downtown Bike Network
  • NE 14th Street St: From the DDA's Downtown Bike Network
  • NE 1st Ave: From the Miami Bicycle Master Plan

Connections and Equity

Although bike lanes have been built in communities like Overtown and Little Haiti, they don't connect to the larger network and major job centers.

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Safer Venetian Causeway

Over 1,500 cyclists cross the Venetian Causeway every day.

Yet, the bike lane remains unprotected and unsafe.

The Venetian Causeway is one of the most important bicycle connectors in all of Miami-Dade County.

On August 29th 2019, Flavia Carnicelli was killed by a car while cycling across the Venetian Causeway. Instead of consequences and action, this tragedy has so far led to just a $179 traffic ticket for the driver and zero improvements to make the road safer.

We are advocating for the bike lane to be protected, improved and extended into the City of Miami.

How we can make a Safer Venetian

  1. Protect the bike lanes with a physical buffer to prevent cars from crossing into the lane
  2. Widen the bike lanes to approach the NACTO standard of 5 feet and reduce car traffic to a single lane each way on the entire Causeway
  3. Reduce the speed limit to 25mph across the entire causeway, adding missing signs and increasing enforcement
  4. Extend the bike lane in the City of Miami to at least N Miami Avenue
  5. Prioritize the completion of the "missing link" on West Avenue in Miami Beach to connect to 16th Street (this can even be done as a tactical project)

Cyclist count courtesy of The Miami Bike Lawyer

On February 18, 2020 the City of Miami Beach passed a resolution supporting new protections for cyclists on the Venetian Causeway


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