about TransitAlliance.Miami


To bridge the gap between residents, innovation, and government, and accelerate the improvement of all aspects of mobility in Miami.

Challenge & Approach

Miami has reached a critical stage in its urban evolution. Transportation has come to the foreground as one of the most important, persistent, and confounding issues for the continued growth and success of Miami-Dade County. Our lack of mobility options affects people from all social and economic groups. While addressing the transportation crisis has recently become a top priority for many, organizational inertia, and a lack of strategies for innovation have kept much of the needed progress dormant.

TransitAlliance.Miami works with government agencies, organizations and community to accelerate the improvement of all aspects of mobility in Miami. Through research, analysis, and prototyping, we aim to facilitate innovation for decision-makers. We also inform, engage, and activate the community to create and sustain momentum for improved transportation. 

The road (or path, or rail) ahead of us requires collaboration, solutions-oriented thinking, bold vision, cross-sector partnerships, and innovation. Success on this journey will be measured in many ways, but not least of all by lives improved, opportunities created, resident engaged, and connections created.


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