Redesign the Bus System

Two out of three transit riders rely on our bus system, but the network hasn't been redesigned in over 30 years.

We are leading the first advocacy-led redesign in the country, called the Better Bus Project.

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Create a Transportation Authority

Our fragmented decision-making structure has led to decades of broken promises and transit being used as a political tool.

We are advocating for an independent transportation authority that consolidates decision-making, funding and operations into one entity.

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Build a Core Bike Network

Miami could be one of the world's great cycling cities, but lacks dedicated cycling infrasturcture to keep cyclists safe and protected.

We are advocating for a near-term core bike network to unlock Miami's potential as a cycling city.

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Transit Expansion Now

Our transportation expansion plan has been burdened by extensive and repeated studies, political priorities instead of data-driven decisions, and unrealistic and unfunded goals.

We are reforming the SMART Plan to focus on near-term transportation expansion and improvements.