Safer Venetian Causeway

Over 1,500 cyclists cross the Venetian Causeway every day.

Yet the bike lane remains unprotected and unsafe.

The Venetian Causeway is one of the most important bicycle connectors in all of Miami-Dade County.

On August 29th 2019, Flavia Carnicelli was killed by a car while cycling across the Venetian Causeway. Instead of consequences and action, this tragedy has so far led to just a $179 traffic ticket for the driver and zero improvements to make the road safer.

We are advocating for the bike lane to be protected, improved and extended into the City of Miami.

How we can make a Safer Venetian

  1. Protect the bike lanes with a physical buffer to prevent cars from crossing into the lane
  2. Widen the bike lanes to approach the NACTO standard of 5 feet and reduce car traffic to a single lane each way on the entire Causeway
  3. Reduce the speed limit to 25mph across the entire causeway, adding missing signs and increasing enforcement
  4. Extend the bike lane in the City of Miami to at least N Miami Avenue
  5. Prioritize the completion of the "missing link" on West Avenue in Miami Beach to connect to 16th Street (this can even be done as a tactical project)

Cyclist count courtesy of The Miami Bike Lawyer

On February 18, the City of Miami Beach passed a resolution supporting new protections for cyclists on the Venetian Causeway